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Nurses are critical to health care delivery -NANNM Chairman

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The Chairman of the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, Lagos State Council, Mr Olurotimi Awojide, has emphasized the role of nurses in healthcare delivery.

He stated this on Monday, on the sidelines of Nurses Day celebration in Lagos.

The occasion was also used to honour and recognise Oluwatoyin Akinlade, a nurse at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, for delivering a pregnant woman while in transit.

According to Awojide, “Nurses Day is to recognise the enormous contributions of nurses to health care. We are also appreciating our nurses for their role during the pandemic.

“Nurses are critical to health care delivery; we are the link between patients and other health workers. If there is a medical error on the part of the physician, it is the nurses that will notice it.

“We are appreciating Nurse Akinlade, because ordinarily, after the day’s work, it possible she was tired, she may have recommended that the woman should be rushed to a nearby hospital. We are recognising her for the passion she exhibited to save the pregnant woman and her baby.”

While giving a response, Akinlade said it was erroneous for Nigerians to see nurses as people without empathy.

She said, “I was a commuter in a bus; so, I helped a woman who was also a traveller to deliver a baby. Every person would have thought about looking the other way, but when I saw this woman, I knew she was ready and there was nothing I could do at the moment than to help her.

“I had earlier introduced myself as a nurse when the driver wanted to buy fuel, so, all eyes were on me. I knew it was imminent for me to help deliver the baby.

“I don’t think nurses lack empathy; maybe people have been meeting quack nurses or those they call auxiliary nurses. Patients should also learn to be calm when they come to the hospital, they should not come with an attitude to fight. Nurses are empathic and I’m sure when people meet the professional nurses, they will know nurses don’t lack empathy.”

Akinlade added that the acknowledgement from her colleagues would inspire her to do more for mankind.



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