Home News No Nigerian deserves to live in poverty — Senate spokesman, Yemi Adaramodu

No Nigerian deserves to live in poverty — Senate spokesman, Yemi Adaramodu


The senate spokesperson for the ninth National Assembly, Yemi Adaramodu, has said that no Nigerian deserves to live in poverty, adding that the senate is desirous of stamping it out in the country.

Adaramodu said this while speaking on the Arise TV show about the senate retreat billed to be held in Akwa-Ibom State tagged “Fiscal Policy” on Friday.

He maintained that the figure of Nigerians living below the poverty level should not matter, but the way of taking them out of the realities should.

“It is not the figure or data from anybody, including the World Bank and Statistics agencies, that matters but the willingness to take Nigerians out of poverty. The figure disparity does not matter.

“I don’t believe that any Nigerian deserves to be poverty-stricken. No Nigerian is expected to go to bed without about two decent meals daily. No Nigerian youth is supposed to have a job, just as no Nigerian parent is expected not to sponsor their children to school.

“We all know that there is poverty in the land, and the Senate is ready to enunciate policies that will ensure that Nigerians are brought out of economic,” he added.

Speaking on the Sport Utility Vehicle worth N160 million approved for the 109 senators when the country is battling economic crisis, Adaramodu said it is just synonymous with when the people said senators had bought Funiture, which is untrue.

He corroborated that every four years, which is a term of a legislature, every senator is entitled to a working tool, which the vehicles (SUVs) are part of.

The senator representing Ekiti South Senatorial District also stressed that the budget earmarked for this purpose is primarily for oversight functions.

“The vehicle is always boarded after. If you don’t want it, you could leave it,” he added.



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