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NMA advises Nigerians against seeking medical treatment from quacks


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has warned patients against seeking medical treatment outside health facilities, saying it could worsen their morbidity.

NMA chair in Lagos, Benjamin Olowojebutu, gave the warning in an interview on Thursday in Lagos.

Mr Olowojebutu expressed concerns over reports of patients seeking medical treatment from chemists and “quack nurses” to save costs. He acknowledged that the country’s economic situation had led to increased costs of medicines and hardship for citizens, causing many to adopt cost-cutting measures.

Mr Olowojebutu stressed that health safety shouldn’t be jeopardised over economic concerns, noting that such practices had led to health complications and death.

He said for a physician to make a diagnosis, multiple steps are followed, including taking a medical history, performing a physical examination, obtaining diagnostic tests and then examining the data to determine the best explanation for the illness.

“These steps are not followed by the chemists and nurses who just administer injections or intravenous infusions in their stores or homes irrespective of the symptoms exhibited by the individual.

“Lapses in quality of care can jeopardise health and treatment outcomes of patients,” the NMA boss said.

He advised citizens to embrace health insurance, noting that it facilitated access to care, better health outcomes and improved productivity.




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