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Nigerians too problematic, expecting quick result from Tinubu — Ex-chief of staff


A former chief of staff to then-Governor Rochas Okorocha, Uche Nwosu, has berated Nigerians for attacking and expecting fast solutions from President Bola Tinubu in less than a month in office.

In a virtual news conference on Tuesday, Mr Nwosu said Mr Tinubu’s Democracy Day speech reflected the achievements, progress and growth of democracy in the country and not necessarily his administration’s plans.

“This is a president that has not stayed even up to a month in office, but the problem with us is that we like things to come fast,” said Mr Nwosu, Mr Okorocha’s son-in-law.

However, Mr Tinubu urged his compatriots not to pity him because he understands the enormity of running a country like Nigeria.

“Corruption, poverty, inconsistencies in policy and many other problems confronting us. But don’t pity me,” Mr Tinubu had stated shortly before being sworn in. “I asked for the job. I campaigned for it. No excuses. I will live up to the bill. I promise.”

Mr Nwosu recounted that the president vowed to prioritise the power, education, transport and other sectors and sought Nigerians’ patience.

“When you look at all these things, these are things that affect the poor masses, so I don’t know what else we are looking for in the speech that the president did not say,” said the politician.

Mr Nwosu urged Nigerians to celebrate the freedom and peace of being in a democratic system and not attack the new administration.

He expressed optimism in Mr Tinubu’s government’s ability to unite and improve the country.

Mr Nwosu advised the president to strive to devolve political will and power to the local councils to bring democracy closer to the people.

He also advised the government to make efforts to cut the cost of governance and not the system of governance for a better democracy.

Mr Nwosu urged the 10th National Assembly to be driven by national and not sectional interests.




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