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Nigerians have always wanted to ‘japa’, we have nothing to do with it — Presidency

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The presidency has said Nigerians are “by all means” free to migrate to other countries in search of greener pastures.

The presidential spokesman Femi Adesina when asked in an interview on Channels TV why many Nigerians were leaving the country under the APC administration, said:
“You see, the truth is that if you have an opportunity to better yourself in any part of the world, there is nothing wrong with it.

“If you think migrating legally is good for you, all well and good. By all means, go! It would be simplistic to say that.” He said.

The media aide added, “You cannot now say that because people are leaving, then it is a sign that something is fundamentally wrong.”

Adesina claimed that “the average Nigerian had always wanted to leave.”

He added, “And it is not just in Nigeria. It is in most countries of the world, particularly in the third world. They always believe that it is greener on the other side.”

The Nigeria Immigration Service had raised an alarm in November about an increasing number of Nigerians fleeing the country under the Buhari regime, describing it as a “worrisome phenomenon.”

Also in August, junior health minister Joseph Ekumankama lamented the brain drain in the health sector due to Nigerian doctors leaving the country for greener pastures abroad.

“The greatest challenge facing the sector presently is the doctors and nurses leaving the country. But I want to rather encourage them to stay back, seeing the effort the government is putting,” Mr Ekumankama said.



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