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Nigeria sliding towards dictatorship, Tinubu govt trying to suppress Peter Obi – LP

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The National Chairman of Labour Party, LP, Julius Abure, has lamented that the last presidential election has shown Nigeria is sliding towards dictatorship.

Abure made the remark while accusing the President Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government of attempting to suppress its presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

He noted that the verdict of the Supreme Court regarding the presidential election has shown that the executive has hijacked the judiciary and legislature.

He stressed that Nigerians have thrown away the lessons of their forefathers within a short space of time.

A statement by Abure reads partly: “However, there are great lessons to be learnt. What transpired in Nigeria since the February 25 presidential election is a clear testament that our institutions are not working and that we may be sliding towards dictatorship. It is very clear that the executive has hijacked both the judiciary and the legislature. This is so unfortunate for our democracy, and it is even more for the people of Nigeria.

“All what our forebearers taught us has been destroyed within a short space of time because of the Unbridled ambition of a few. The founding fathers fought with their lives to achieve independence for the country. People lost their lives for the struggle to keep our democracy and all these years people have been struggling to achieve electoral and constitutional reforms. Regrettably, all of these efforts and struggles have been destroyed today.

“It is also pertinent to put on record that we have it on very good authority that the government may have marked some Labour Party’s key leaders, myself especially and our Leader and Presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi in particular for vilification, in order to suppress the party, suffocate our team, and our goal of a new Nigeria. The planned persecution, intimidation, suppression and harassment of our leaders using security agencies and all other government institutions will be definitely defended.”

Abure urged LP’s members and the Obidient family to be vigilant and brace up for the challenges ahead, stressing that the struggle for a New Nigeria will certainly be tortuous and hard.



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