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Nigeria must embrace renewable energy — NBCC


The Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce(NBCC) has said Nigeria’s transition to renewable energy is “no longer a choice but a must”.

The assertion was made at the Renewable Energy Roundtable conference themed ‘Renewable Energies: Innovation, Transition, Opportunities and Challenges’ in Lagos on Thursday.

The President and Chairman of Council, NBCC, Ray Relly, said renewable energy had taken shape more than ever before in the global space.

According to him, Nigeria must unite with the rest of the world to ensure a seamless transition through the use of new technologies, policies enactment and implementation of those policies.

“The transition to renewable energy is no longer a choice but a necessity. As we are confronted with climate change and environmental degradation as a result of fossil fuels, we must look inward for innovative ways of meeting the energy needs of our growing population. This transition opens a well of discussion as we delve into the intricacies of innovation. What are we doing to innovate?” he asked.

Relied on the urgent need for Nigeria to not only design but also implement a large-scale energy transition plan, which would lead to the adoption of renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

“We must implement policies that will make renewable energies not only affordable but sustainable and we need to also monitor implementation of those policies,” he said.

The Managing Director of Shell Nigeria Gas, Ralph Gbobo, in his goodwill message, said fostering new technologies, business models and ideas were ideal steps towards achieving the country’s renewable plan.

“Transition to renewable energy sources is a journey that has come to shape our future. As we collectively face the adverse effects of climate change, the transition to renewable energies has become a common discussion we all have become used to. So, we must foster new technologies, business models and ideas, collaborate with the private sector, government agencies and the academia to realize our target,” he said.

The Federal Government in 2020 pledged to attain zero gas emissions by 2060.

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of Ikeja Electric, Folake Soetan, said the power company recognized the potential of renewable energies.
She explained that currently, renewable energy accounted for just 3.3 per cent of Nigeria’s total power generation.

“This represents an opportunity for massive investments in the renewable sector,” she added.



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