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Niger Coup: Nigeria’s limited resources shouldn’t be used for war — Former Minister, Aminu Bashir Wali


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aminu Bashir Wali has cautioned against using Nigeria’s limited resources to fund a war.

While appearing on Arise TV, Wali stated that the decision of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to go to war is ill-thought.

While warning the federal government about its decision on the Niger issue, he added that Nigeria’s meagre resources are needed to tackle its security crisis.

“Before the ECOWAS goes to war in Niger, they should know that going to war isn’t a simple thing. The whole international community is involved in any war that is happening anywhere and in any part of the world.

“What we are talking about is this: ECOWAS has taken a decision. They want to go to war. But that’s not the end of the matter.

“We have to be very careful how we tackle the situation in Niger. Any crisis of this nature is of concern to the entire international community because if ECOWAS decides to go to war, the Security Council of the United Nations will now have to give a go-ahead.

“And what I’m scared of is a proxy war in Niger, because we in Nigeria will also be involved. Because the whole of ECOWAS is looking at Nigeria and not any other country.

“And when we look at our own country today, internally we need our resources, we need our military to bring peace and security because we are not secure ourselves.

“So how can we now decide to use the meagre resources that we have to go and start funding a war in a foreign country?”, he queried.



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