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NBIS begins investigation into aircraft crash in Lagos


The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has been notified and commenced investigation into an accident involving a Jabiru J430, a light single airplane with Nationality and Registration Marks 5N-CCQ operated by Air First Hospitality & Tours, which occurred around 1500hrs local time on August 1.

NSIB is known to be a multimodal investigation agency charged with the mandate to investigate transportation accidents and serious incidents in Nigeria with the aim of identifying the probable causes and proffer safety recommendations that can prevent reoccurrence.

The aircraft was on a test flight within Lagos with two passengers onboard, before it crashed around Oba Akran area of Lagos State with no fatalities.

The aircraft caught fire on impact but the spread was contained by the rainfall at the time of impact.

The two people on board were taken to the hospital.

The NSIB, hereby, solicits information from the general public in form of pictures, video or recording evidences to assist in conducting a comprehensive investigation.



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