Home Business Naira crisis: Banks lose N5bn to protesters

Naira crisis: Banks lose N5bn to protesters

Protesters attack a bank in Benin

The Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions, an umbrella body of banking sector workers, disclosed that banks lost N5 billion following attacks on assets by protesters over naira scarcity.

The group’s president, Oluwole Olusoji, made this disclosure in Lagos on Thursday.

He added that protesters had attacked 17 commercial banks nationwide.

He explained that bank buildings were burnt and Automated Teller Machines destroyed while bank officials were also attacked.

“We call on the public to desist from threatening or attacking our members or destroying our properties as they will be only proverbially cutting their noses to spite their faces. We can only give what we have been provided with and nothing more,” Olusoji said.

It was reported that protests in Edo, Delta and other parts of the country led to the loss of lives and properties.



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