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“My husband faked being a widower in order to marry our neighbour and another woman” — Wife

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Favour Abume, 43, has told the Igando Customary Court how her husband, Nosa Abume, posed as a widower for the purpose of dating a woman on Facebook and marrying their neighbour’s wife.

In her testimony, Mrs Abume told the court: “My husband is a womaniser. He sleeps with different women, both single and married, on our matrimonial bed. My children had caught him severally having sex with women in our house,”

“I saw his chat on Facebook where he told a woman that he was a widower, begging her to marry him.”

Adding that, “There was a day he told me he was travelling to the camp for prayers but went to have a wedding with another woman in the village. When he brought the new wife to Lagos, he stopped me from attending his church, saying his new wife will replace me.”

Pastor Abume, 48, approached the Igando court in Lagos on Monday to nullify his 17-year marriage, accusing his wife of defaming his character.

She further told the court that her husband evicted her from their apartment in 2016 and brought in the neighbour’s wife.

“Few months after he married the second wife, he started dating our neighbour’s wife. He chased me out of the house, told me to go back to my parents’ house, that he was no longer interested in marrying me, and our neighbour’s wife moved in,” she narrated.

“He did not allow me to go with my children, claiming I did not bring any child from my father’s house when he wedded me. Many of the members left his church due to his infidelity.”

Mr Abume while praying for a divorce, said that “My wife is making statement that is injuring my reputation. She keeps telling people that I am a chronic womaniser.”

According to the petitioner, his wife even invited the police to arrest him and pleaded with the court to dissolve their marriage, stating that his love for her had faded away.

“She invited policemen to arrest me, and they tortured me in their custody,” added Mr Abume. “I took the matter to the village. She was summoned by the elders and was asked to buy a goat as a fine for ordering my arrest, but she refused.”

In his ruling, the court president, Adeniyi Koledoye, urged both sides to maintain peace and adjourned the case until January 20, 2022.

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