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Mohbad: Iyabo Ojo’s daughter criticises Naira Marley over defamation, threat to sue mum


Social media influencer, Priscilla Ojo, has criticised singer, Azeez Adeshina Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley, for accusing her actress mother, Iyabo Ojo, of defamation and threatening legal action.

Naira Marley had taken legal action against actress, Ojo, alleging the dissemination of false and defamatory content on her Instagram account.

In a letter sent to Ojo, Naira Marley’s lawyer, Olalekan Ojo, outlined the accusations made in a September 2023 post, stating that the actress accused Naira Marley of engaging in spiritual and physical dealings with the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely known as Mohbad.

Responding on her Instagram stories on Friday, Priscilla questioned the singer’s audacity to threaten her mother, highlighting ongoing legal matters involving Naira Marley.

She wrote: “The audacity!!! You want to sue? Sue who LMAOOOOO clowns. The cases you have in court for the boys catalogue and unpaid royalties have you finished that one? You want to sue who? When they’re legit videos and evidence of you and your gang steady bullying that young man before he died? Dey play.

“Nigerians y’all amaze me sha but I’ll like to say no celebrity would have put their safety, career, or kids on the line to fight for justice.

“That woman y’all are dragging now didn’t only come online to fight. She was legit at the police station back to back till now still paying for DJ Splash’s hospital bills and treatment!! Yet you call it clout, like she made money out of it what other clout does a whole Iyabo Ojo want again!

“She was supporting LP. clout? Can’t you see our economy now? She was supporting the young girl that was raped clout! Didn’t the girl later get justice?

“Now she was fighting for the young man who was vividly bullied with evidence from his record label before he died.

“Just because one protein shake charcoal body builder came to change the narrative and asked a grieving mother of 24 years old for DNA test!!!!! Yall fell for that, really?

“And y’all judging someone from a reality show when they’re being told to give drama and spice up the show?? Okay o. One thing is sure. He might not be alive to fight for himself but I know that his spirit cannot be asleep.”



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