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Mixed reactions trail Tiwa Savage’s leaked sex tape

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Weeks after Tiwa Savage hinted that someone was trying to blackmail her with a sex tape of herself and her ex-lover, the video has finally been released.

The sex tape went viral on Monday, October 18, barely a week after the singer revealed in an interview about the sex tape.
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According to Tiwa, her ex-boyfriend, Bolo Beckham posted a few seconds of the video on Snapchat and deleted it immediately.

After it was deleted, Tiwa’s road manager informed her of the sex tape and of the possibility of it being used by someone who might have captured the video before it was deleted to blackmail her.

“So what happened was the person did it on Snapchat and he posted the tape by accident and deleted it but someone caught it,” Tiwa Savage said.

She added, “It’s a tiny clip but it’s me and it’s going to be out there forever. There are probably going to be memes”

Meanwhile, on Monday night, October 18, the real sex tape as earlier stated was dropped on Twitter.
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At the time of this report, the video had gone viral all over the internet, even though many internet users didn’t believe Tiwa initially.

If you’ve seen the video, you’ll notice that the singer was in black, with braided hair, and her fixed nails are in the colour red.
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sex - Lagospost.ng
Below is a picture of Tiwa Savage and her ex-boyfriend, Bolo Beckham (Picture)
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