Home Courts Man sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling minor in Lagos

Man sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling minor in Lagos

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A man identified as Stephen Francis has been sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling an 11-year-old girl in Lagos.

A Sexual Offences Court in Ikeja handed down the judgement yesterday, having found him guilty of the offence he committed on August 12, 2020, on Fagbenro Street, Idi-Araba, Mushin, Lagos.

Delivering judgment, Justice Abiola Soladoye said, “The survivor, an 11-year-old primary five pupil, identified the defendant in the dock as the man who sexually defiled her when he told her that his wife was calling her to run an errand for her. The defendant took her to his house and had sex with her. She said ‘he took me to his room and slept with me. I went to my mother and reported to her, and after that, we went to the police station. The survivor’s testimony was consistent and unshaken under cross-examination.

“The survivor’s mother testified that she went to buy drugs for herself on the day of the incident and that she met her daughter crying by the time she got back home. The evidence of prosecution witness 2 (survivor’s mother) that she examined the private part of her daughter and found sperm confirmed the narration of the survivor.

“There is no contradiction to nullify the guilt of the defendant as the evidence before the court is very clear. The defendant stripped her naked and had unlawful sexual intercourse with her,” she said.

“The defendant claimed he was at work on the day the incident happened, but he failed to bring an alibi to buttress his point. Parents and guardians should be alive to good parenting in this present day and time. I, hereby, find the defendant guilty as charged of the one-count charge of defilement, and he is, hereby, sentenced to life imprisonment.

“The defendant should have his name registered in the sexual offence register as maintained by Lagos State.”



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