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Magodo residents protest the demolition of their houses

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On Wednesday residents marched out of their homes to protest the demolition of their homes, preventing a bulldozer from entering Magodo Phase 2 Estate. The homeowners are said to have formed a human barrier at the estate’s entrance.

Residents claim that police had previously visited the community with a gang of “hoodlums” who “marked practically all the houses in the fully-built estate for demolition.”

On Monday night, police officers returned along with a bulldozer, to commence demolition.

Reports reveal that the armed mobile police officers were present to provide security so that the demolition could proceed without the residents fighting back.

The residents, mostly males, trooped out to “form a human barrier at the entrance of the gate” so that the bulldozer would not be driven in, according to videos published online.

Reports however reveal that residents of Magodo, had reignited their hostilities with the Adeyiga family.

As the estate gate, located off CMD Road, was shut on Wednesday, preventing anyone from entering or leaving causing commercial activity to come to a halt.

Armed with a Supreme Court ruling, members of the Adeyiga family have urged the landowners to vacate the property.

According to the residents the family has threatened to destroy the houses with bulldozers.

The landowners however, claim that they hold Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) from the government because the land was purchased by the Lagos State government.

When the situation erupted on Tuesday night, after the family’s insistence on reclaiming its enormous estates, it required the chairman of the Ikosi Isheri Council to restore order.

Residents fought back against the attempt to evict them which as a result has caused chaos.

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