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MacArthur Foundation calls for survey on people with disabilities for comprehensive data


The Country Director, MacArthur Foundation, Kole Shettima, on Monday urged politically appointed Persons with Disabilities to commission the National Bureau of Statistics on a survey for comprehensive data on PWDs in Nigeria.

Shettima made the call in Abuja at a governance and leadership workshop for appointed PWDs organized by the All-rights Foundation Africa funded by the European Union through its Support for Democratic Governance in Nigeria.

Shettima noted that the data obtained from the survey would help the political appointees have proper planning for the PWDs that they represent.

He said “Talking about leadership and inclusive development, appointed persons with disabilities must get the data of PWDs in Nigeria for sufficient planning.

“The appointed PWD leaders can commission the National Bureau of Statistics to survey PWDs in Nigeria.

“If we do not have data for the PWDs in Nigeria, we cannot talk about inclusive development.”

The Country Director also tasked the appointed PWDs to be role models to others, adding that their voices must be heard at national and state levels.

“Think about yourselves as role models to society. Unfortunately, our society assumes that PWDs should not be given responsibilities as appointed leaders.

“Let your voices be heard at all levels. Think of how government policies affect the PWDs and how the views and perspectives of PWDs can be worked on and implemented,” Shettima added.

The Chief Executive Officer, TAF Africa, Jake Epelle noted “We will continue to push and ensure that the government at all levels recognize that PWDs can serve and contribute in the nation building.

“The appointees are now government officials and they should be treated as such.

“Also, we need to monitor the appointees because if they do not do well, they will become casualties to the community and this may block other PWDs from getting political appointments.”



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