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Latest news on Maria and Cubana saga

Maria and Cubana

Following the accusations of Cubana Chief Priest against Maria of BBNaija, popular aphrodisiac entrepreneur and sex therapist, Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, also known as Jaruma on Instagram has offered to help Cubana Chief Priest get back at Maria for sleeping with a married man.

Jaruma took to her Instagram page to rebuke Maria’s actions for showing off her lover’s watch and car. She told Maria that knowing full well that she is with a married man she ought to date with caution and not rub it in the wife’s face.

The sex therapist also revealed that if Chief priest needed any help she was ready to go the extra mile and make sure that justice is served.

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The aphrodisiac seller is known for discouraging ladies from marrying men who already have a wife as she has revealed over time that it destroys one’s peace of mind.

In recent updates, the drama in the messy ‘husband snatching’ allegations leveled against reality TV star, Maria has taken a new twist.⁣⁣

According to reports, MaryAnn recently filed a suit for the dissolution of their marriage.⁣⁣

Sources have revealed that the marriage between Kelvin and MaryAnn collapsed a few years ago.⁣⁣

⁣⁣Following the collapse of their marriage, Kelvin moved to Dubai, while MaryAnn stayed back in Nigeria with their children.⁣⁣

⁣⁣The reality TV star met Kelvin on a flight where they hit things off. Things took a different turn when Maria found out that he was still legally married.⁣⁣

⁣However, it appeared MaryAnn’s family had been working behind closed doors to mend the already broken marriage.⁣⁣

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All you need to know about the Maria-Cubana saga

In a most recent post by Cubana Chief Priest who brought up the allegation, he stated in an Instagram post that Maryann, his sister filed for divorce barely a month ago.

He added that his sister gave up the marriage after finding out Kelvin sponsored the Big Brother Movement, and she also saw Maria in her husband’s house when she went to visit him in Dubai.

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