LASEMA rescues man who fell into lagoon near Falomo

    The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) has successfully rescued a man, Segun Amoo, who accidentally fell into the lagoon near the Falomo Bridge area of the state.

    Speaking on the rescue mission, head of LASEMA, Dr Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, said the agency was alerted to the incident at 7.43 a.m. through the Lagos State Toll-Free Emergency numbers 767 and 112.

    He said LASEMA promptly implemented the state’s Emergency Response Plans, and the LASEMA Response Team from the Lekki zone arrived at the scene at 8.02 a.m.

    He said: “On arrival of the team at the incident scene, investigations revealed that the man had been resuscitated, and had identified himself as Segun Amoo.

    “He narrated how he mistakenly fell into the Lagos lagoon at the aforementioned location.”

    Oke-Osanyintolu mentioned that the data obtained from the Lagos State Water Authority (LASWA) officials at their Falomo office indicated that Amoo was spotted fighting for his life inside the lagoon.

    The LASWA official reported that one of the agency’s employees noticed Amoo struggling in the lagoon waters around 11 p.m. last night after he accidentally fell off the bridge, prompting the LASWA Rescue Team to take action.

    “Amoo was rescued by the LASWA officials and subsequently stabilised by the agency’s Pre-Hospital Care Paramedics.

    “He provided vital information about himself after resuscitation, stating that his home address is at Ilaje-Bariga, Lagos.

    “He also clarified that he was not suicidal while narrating how the incident of his fall off the bridge occurred,” the official said.

    Oke-Osanyintolu stated that the LASEMA Response Team proceeded to the aforementioned location to conduct additional inquiries. At the scene, the rescue team effectively reunited the victim with his family members.

    According to him, the victim’s brother, Atteji Benuwa, expressed gratitude towards the emergency responders for successfully rescuing Amoo, as the family had been searching for him for some time.



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