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‘Lagos transport workers will not take part in labour strike’, MC Oluomo reveals

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The Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Committee has revealed that none of its members will participate in the nationwide strike scheduled by labour unions.

Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya, commonly known as MC Oluomo, the LSPG Chairman, said this on Tuesday during a meeting with operators and leaders of the transport unions.

He said, “We, the state executives and the entire members of Lagos State Parks and Garages met today in Lagos to review the situation in the country, particularly in Lagos, following the oil subsidy removal by the Federal Government.

“After much deliberations and review, we discussed the high cost of food, transport fares and other areas of public interest, in particular, the plan by the organised Labour unions i.e. the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to call workers out on strike action.

“After a careful discussion, we concluded that we will not be part of any strike or protest rally being planned to draw the Federal Government’s attention to the issue being debated in the country.

“All transport family and members will be at work to convey people to their various destinations without problem because Lagos State Government has announced some interventions in the sector.”

In order to mitigate the effects of the Federal Government’s suspension of fuel subsidies, MC Oluomo also proposed relief measures for commercial bus drivers and passengers during the meeting.

The LSPG Chairman said that all booking costs would be decreased by 25% and that tickets previously offered to drivers at parks for N800 would now be N600.

For passengers, Akinsanya said transport fares would be reduced from N500 to N300 on some routes while those paying N200 fare would pay N150 in other places.

He added that commercial motorcycles and tricycle operators would get a 25 per cent reduction on the tickets bought from the union.

Akinsanya announced a task force team that would monitor the implementation of the directives while also warning various parks and garages executives to ensure compliance, stating that sanctions would be meted on defaulters.

The task force would be led by all members of state executives, parks’ chairmen and selected union leaders.



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