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Lagos State to inspect vehicles before issuing certificate of roadworthiness

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Director of Vehicle Inspection Service, Lagos State, Akin-George Fashola, has revealed that the Lagos State government has introduced a new format for vehicle inspections.

Mr Fashola told reporters on Tuesday that the new format involves the inspection of vehicles before a certificate of roadworthiness can be issued since car owners do not return for vehicle inspections once a roadworthiness certificate has been issued.

He explained that inspections of vehicles can be performed in any of the state’s centres at no additional cost since the cost of renewing vehicle details is included in the overall package.

In the past, vehicle owners were issued roadworthiness certificates to bring back the vehicle for inspection within 30 days, but Mr Fashola has said that method will no longer be used.

“The old format of issuing a roadworthiness certificate and then expecting the vehicle owners to bring their automobiles forward for inspection within 30 days is no longer sustainable as most people do not bring their vehicles for the said inspection once the certificate is issued.

“We are appealing to car owners in the state to come forward with their vehicles as the cost is already inclusive in the total package they paid for the renewal of vehicle particulars.

“You can go to any centre within the length and breadth of the state; even if you do your first inspection on the mainland and you had to do your second inspection on the island, you have no problem because they are all connected,” he added.

Mr Fashola explains that the referral notes are not an automatic clearance and vehicle owners can now inspect their vehicles at any of the centres, not necessarily the one where it was performed.

“The referral note that we give when you come to us is just for a grace period that covers 30 days in which we expect you to have checked and fixed the vehicle. The referral note is not an automatic clearance,” Mr Fashola said.

The Lagos State Government had earlier announced plans to implement the ‘No Inspections, No Roadworthy Certificates’ policy by January 2022, as part of reforms of the state’s transportation system to improve public safety.

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