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Lagos State Task Force commences second phase of raids on criminal hideouts

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The Lagos State Taskforce has commenced the second phase of raids on criminal hideouts in the Lagos metropolis to ensure public safety and order.

Speaking on the series of raids carried out recently, the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye divulged that the raids are part of the planned actions mapped out by the Agency to further maintain serenity across every nook and cranny of the State.

He said that multiple raids together with surveillance, patrols and other security tactics had been implemented in the past quarters of Y2023 which has led to planned operations for the final quarter of the year.

“It is our job and responsibility to ensure criminal elements in Lagos are uncomfortable, that is why we constantly raid their hideouts after carrying out surveillance activities to ascertain the exact location they operate from. In the last week, we have apprehended 56 suspects from different locations including Moshalashi, Agege, Oke-koto, Ojota, Oshodi and Iyana Ipaja.

CSP Jejeloye further confirmed that weapons like jack knives, adjusted spark plugs and sharpened screwdrivers were recovered from some of the apprehended suspected miscreants at Agege.

He said, “It is not new to find substances suspected to be hard drugs like cannabis or heroin in the possession of some of these apprehended individuals”.

The Chairman also stated that the Agency would pay a bit more attention to the Ojota axis due to the number of hard drugs recovered in the raid carried out last night, decrying the rate at which some of the miscreants arrested uttered incoherent words as a result of the hard drugs they had ingested.

“The effects of hard drugs on any individual alters the ability to think or reason properly. This is why most hoodlums who ingest such things resort to crime. We recovered a reasonable amount of hard drugs from the 15 suspects apprehended at Ojota alone and I must confess it is quite disheartening seeing these set of youths take to life of crime”, Jejeloye stated.

The Chairman further disclosed that all suspects arrested during the raids will be profiled accordingly and anyone found suspicious will be subsequently charged to court.

Assuring Lagosians that the Agency will continually adopt all legal and security strategies to ensure that residents can live without fear, he warned criminal elements, especially those who lurk in the shadows looking for who to prey on that the long arm of the law will catch up with them soon and they will be made to answer for their crimes.

“Criminality will be stamped out for good in our beloved Lagos and we will not rest until that is finally achieved”, he stated.



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