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Lagos State reaffirms commitment to food safety and hygiene

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The Lagos State government has restated its commitment to food safety and the reduction of food contamination.

Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperative, Lola Akande, stated this at the second edition of the Lagos State Food Safety Conference & Exhibition at Alausa, Lagos on Tuesday.

“There are many risks associated with street food which can have unhygienic vending practices, inappropriate storage of food, and also the use of contaminated water,” stated the commissioner.

“Poor environmental sanitation, inappropriate waste disposal system and lack of potable water are some of the factors militating against food safety.”

Ms Akande added that when people stop patronising roadside food vendors, it will save them a whole lot of money spent on treating unnecessary ailments.

The commissioner further stated Lagos’ zero tolerance for infringement of consumer rights and all forms of unfair trade practices by producers and manufacturers.

She said there was an enabling law that could prosecute manufacturers, companies and traders that violate the right of consumers through conscious sales of unwholesome products.



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