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Lagos state art and culture, promoting Eko heritage

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The vision of the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture is, “to make Lagos state the preferred destination for tourism, leisure and business in Africa.

When we think of Lagos, we think of everything, entertainment, movies, celebrities, expensive lifestyle, tech, and even the new famous crypto.

Lagos is the centre of excellence for many sectors such as finance, tech, literacy, and a lot more, and it has recently been pushing to make Art and culture another area where she excels.

Art and culture is the expression of a people’s way of life in different forms.

It could be art, music, stage plays, movies or any way you’d think.

In line with the Sanwo-Olu administration to touch all sectors of Lagos, the Lagos state government has recently been promoting and introducing programmes that will support art and culture in the state and put Lagos state art and culture on the world map.

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Google art and culture ‘Eko for show.’

In partnership with seven of Lagos’s top cultural institutions, the Eko for Show online exhibition will offer audiences a virtual opportunity to meet some of the city’s music makers, visual artists, trendsetters, storytellers, and foodies.

These cultural institutions are African Artists Foundation, Homecoming, Lagos Fashion Week, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, Rele Arts Foundation, Terra Kulture and the Centenary Project.

The partners have shared over 8000 photographs, 80 online stories, 3 Street View experiences and 175 videos presented in one unified online experience.

You can download Eko for Show for free online at g.co/ekoforshow.

Google Arts & Culture is available on the web and via the Arts & Culture App on iOS and Android for free.

Through Google Arts & Culture, you can discover art, history, culture, and wonders from over 1000 organisations worldwide.


Eko Culture Series, a project of Lagos State Tourism, Arts and Culture, and EbonyLife Place have recently introduced dancing to Nigerian youths as a powerful method for redirecting their energy for productive engagement.

Speaking at the event, tagged “Eko Dance”, which is the fourth edition of the Eko Culture Series, held at Ebonylife Place, Victoria Island, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr Solomon Bonu, said that the State Government decided to feature some of Nigeria’s most talented dance groups as a way of creating awareness about the importance of dance in Nigerian culture.

  • Eko Culture


The Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, in collaboration with EbonyLife Place, successfully organised EkoCulture, a grand exhibition of Nigerian Art, to show off the talent of the Lagos art community.

The three-month event began on Thursday 29th June and ended on Sunday 1st August 2021.

Thousands of art lovers in Lagos witnessed a spectacular display of paintings, sculptures, and fabrics, as well as traditional drumming, singing, and spoken word.

Paintings and sculptures adorned the lobby of EbonyLife Place and Victoria Hall, while giant metal sculptures dominated the colourful outdoor spaces on the poolside terrace.

  • EbonyLife free film school

As part of the Lagos State Creative Industries Initiative (LACI), EbonyLife Studios, in collaboration with the Lagos state government, offers free short courses and programs in eight fields of study for professionals and newcomers to the filmmaking industry at ELCA.

The eight courses include; art direction, screenwriting, sound recording, post-production, acting for screen, director toolkit, producer and Cinematography, Lighting, and Camera Work.


In collaboration with Effect Best Perfect Solutions (EBPS), the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has introduced a Lagos Family Reality TV Show to promote national unity among diverse cultures in the country.

Commissioner of Tourism, Art and Culture, Akinbile-Yussuf said that the Reality Show, coming at a time when the nation is divided over the unity of its people, reaffirms the importance of embracing harmony, saying that our differences should unite us, not divide us.

Lagos was chosen for the Reality Show because the state houses virtually all of Nigeria’s ethnic groups and cultures.

A significant financial hub on the continent, Lagos is one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities, boasting the continent’s fourth-highest GDP.

In the past, it has been recognised as a cultural hub thanks to the more than 25 million people who are a part of this extensive community.

Lagos state is on the right track with Art and culture, and soon we may be able to hold another festival of Art and culture.



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