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Lagos set to provide affordable, quality healthcare for residents -LASHMA

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The General Manager of the Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA), Dr Emmanuella Zamba, has guaranteed people in the Lagos Division of inexpensive and high-quality healthcare.

The General Manager of the Maternal Child Centre (MCC), Eti-Osa, also said that enrolling in the health insurance program would allow people to receive fast, cost-effective healthcare as well as provides money for their healthcare needs.

Dr Zamba, also went further to say that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration’s commitment to great healthcare led to the creation of the Agency and the Ilera Eko program to help individuals pay for medical bills.

The LASHMA boss while encouraging residents to participate in the health scheme, said, “if all of us enrol on Ilera Eko, we will contribute to the large pool and anyone who is sick will be treated from the pool fund.”

She listed the Ilera Eko benefit package to include registration and consultation, treatment of common ailments and conditions such as malaria, typhoid, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, HIV and TB, pharmaceutical care, and minor surgeries such as incision drainage, herniorrhaphy, and appendectomy.

Eti-Osa, while urging residents to enrol at the Divisional office in the MCC or other Ilera Eko kiosks in the Division for N8,500 annually for an individual plan or N40,000 annually for a family plan.

Dr Zamba also stated that adults from 60 years old can enrol for N34,000 annually for individuals and couples for N65,000 annually to enjoy the health insurance scheme’s benefits.

Dr Mustapha Quadri, Medical Director of Eti-Maternal Osa’s Child Centre (MCC), also commended the State Government’s commitment to citizens’ health.

“The health insurance is a way of saving for the rainy day because nobody knows when medical challenge will come but with health insurance, you are prepared for any eventuality”, he said.

The Medical Director also urged everyone in the Division to sign up for the Ilera Eko health plan as soon as possible in order to avoid financial hardships if they become unwell.

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