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Lagos residents call on state government for quality water supply

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Some residents of Lagos have urged the state government to implement policies that would enable its water corporation to provide quality and safe water for the people.

The residents appealed in separate interviews in Lagos on Wednesday following the appointment of the new managing director of the Lagos State Water Corporation, Mukhtaar Tijani.

The residents also advised the state government to allocate funds to implement water supply projects and properly sanitise water facilities.

Adebayo Oluadekoya, a businessman residing in Ikorodu, said he had been generating water for over 20 years.

Mr Oluadekoya said he preferred the water from his borehole to the one the state water corporation provided.

“The water is not hygienic. I cannot add to my current health challenges by using the water,” he said.

The businessman noted that the challenge of providing potable water had severe implications for public health, education, and economic development.

Mr Oluadekoya appealed to the state government to ensure that funds are released to rehabilitate the old pipes for safe and hygienic water passage.

Ayodeji Aduragbemi, a banker residing in Alagomeji, said the absence of potable water affected economic development.

According to him, lack of clean water affected productivity, particularly in rural areas where women and children often spend hours a day fetching water from distant sources.

“This time-consuming task limits the ability of children to engage in education, income-generating activities, and community development initiatives,” he said.

Mr Aduragbemi, however, said the people had continuously called on the state government to provide potable water without getting positive feedback.

Also, an oil worker, Ayo Bello, residing on Lagos Island, said the government should allocate more funds for infrastructure development, maintenance, and water supply monitoring.

Mr Bello said the government should collaborate with international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and private entities to leverage expertise, resources, and technology for sustainable water management.

An educationist, Adetoro Ismail, appealed to the state government to develop and enforce stringent regulations to ensure water sources’ quality and safety and properly sanitised facilities’ availability.

“There should be awareness and education; comprehensive public awareness campaigns should be conducted to educate Nigerians on the importance of clean water and proper hygiene practices,” she said.

Also, Oluwafisayomi Bello, an architect residing in Ikeja, reiterated that the government should take comprehensive actions to meet the people’s demands by providing potable water for its residents healthy and productive lives.


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