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Lagos govt warns residents against environmental pollution


The General Manager of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, Dr Babatunde Ajayi has warned residents against noise pollution.

Ajayi, in a Christmas message addressed to Christians in Lagos urged the people of Lagos to keep in mind that the state’s environmental laws that prohibit noise pollution and other environmental violations which can have negative impacts on human health, are still in effect.

He also urged leadership and members of various religious organisations, club owners, industries, and other interest groups operating in the state to recall various stakeholders’ engagement held by the state government, and the Memorandum of Understanding jointly agreed on that the Yuletide.

According to Ajayi, the Yuletide should be moderately celebrated with less noise, no pollution, and strict adherence to the state environmental laws in the best interest of public health.

Ajayi, in the statement, advised all religious houses, clubhouses, and other entertainment outlets to operate within enclosed and soundproofed environments with regulated use of speakers, giving due consideration to neighbouring residents during and after the celebration.

He said, “The standard approved noise level in residential areas shall not exceed 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night while that of industrial and commercial areas in the state shall not exceed 90 and 70 decibels respectively during the day.

“Worship centres must equally reduce the number of internally placed speakers to the barest minimum, such that those speakers would address only the congregation/ members of that centre and not the neighborhood.”



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