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Lagos govt vows to shut clubs allowing use of drugs, firearms


The Lagos State Safety Commission has lamented the increasing use of drugs and firearms in night clubs in Lagos and has vowed to shut down any club caught with such issues henceforth.

Director-General (DG) of the Commission, Lanre Mojola, who spoke at a meeting with night club owners warned that the state government has zero tolerance for the use of drugs and firearms at night clubs and would henceforth shut down such clubs.

Mojola decried that the use of hard drugs and firearms had become rampant in several night clubs across Lagos and would collaborate with relevant authorities to stop such proliferation.

The DG also decried the presence of underaged in many night clubs in the state, saying that it is against the law to allow the presence of minors at night clubs.

In his words: “The purpose of this meeting is to address certain concerns that have come to our attention this includes the usage of drugs, the use of firearms and other safety issues that have become a major cause of concern for the Lagos State Government”

“On the issue of firearms in clubs, last year we had an incident with a superstar, we are also aware of a shooting accident that happened at a club recently and these give us serious concerns and we need to tell ourselves the truth. There should be scanners that can detect firearms and other weapons.”

He further asked, “of what use are your security operatives?”

Mojola stated that clubs frontages had been turned to drug sales outlets, and he mandated the use of proper signages to convert the message of no drugs, no firearms and no underage to club goers.

He warned night club owners to respect the laws of the state as the government would not hesitate to wield the big stick on those flagrantly violating the law regarding operation of night clubs.

The DG also called on night club owners to take responsibility and work together to tackle the issues of drug and firearms usage.

Also speaking, the staff officer in charge of operations of NDLEA, Lagos State Command, Superintendent of Narcotics Maijama’a Abdullahi lamented that drugs were being used in most night clubs from his findings after undergoing a secret tour of some clubs in Lagos.

He said that in many night clubs, there were no signages to warn people against doing drugs, decrying that drugs were being used excessively.

“The drug dealers stick around the clubs, they stick outside the clubs and sell drugs. Some of those selling drugs are friends with the bouncers. We need the help of club owners, it is getting out of hand,’ he said.

Mojola ended the meeting by saying that the Commission, alongside officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and the Nigerian Police Force would start regular visits to night clubs in the State and shut down erring ones.



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