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Lagos govt trains agencies to block revenue leakages


Lagos State Government says it has commenced a training initiative aimed at enhancing revenue collection, and boosting transparency across all revenue-generating agencies in the state.

A statement said the training programmes, coordinated by Office of the Special Adviser, Taxation and Revenue in conjunction with consultants, was part of the state government’s strategy to plug revenue leakages and ensure accountability in revenue generation.

The two weeks training, which commenced on Wednesday, covered all revenue-generating agencies in Lagos State, and brought together representatives from various ministries, departments, and agencies responsible for revenue collection.

According to the office of the Special Adviser, Taxation and Revenue, the core objective of the trainings was to equip revenue officials with a comprehensive understanding of features such as QR-Code, embedded within the Tax Clearance Certificate, and the Automated Revenue Receipt, with a particular focus on activating the locking feature within the ARR which secures the receipt after the provision of services.

The statement said: “In addition, the State Government is using the training opportunity to notify the general public on the need to insist on obtaining receipt at the point of payment for any Lagos State government services, validate their receipt through the QR code and ensure payments are made through approved channels.

“The following were listed as part of the training benefits to Lagos State; Prevention of counterfeiting, elimination of touting, prevention of TCC and ARR duplication, mitigation of ARR transfers, curbing revenue leakages, augmenting Lagos State’s revenue streams.”

The Special Adviser on Taxation and Revenue, Mr Ogungbo Abdul-Kabir, outlined Lagos State government’s commitment to promoting accountability and transparency in revenue collection processes.

While inaugurating the training, with revenue officers from State Treasury office, Lagos State Internal Revenue Services, Ministry of Water front, Lands Bureau, Office of Surveyor General and Finance Ministry, he urged participants, who serve as ambassadors for this pivotal cause, to view the training as a mandate to support the State’s developmental goals.

The State Government warned Lagosians to be wary of the antics of fraudsters parading themselves as revenue agents.

To avoid becoming victims of not receiving services due to error of paying through unapproved channels, the special adviser advised all payers to desist from patronizing unapproved payment channels.

“By fortifying revenue collection processes, Lagos State is not only enhancing financial integrity but also ensuring that taxpayer’s get fair value and their funds contribute to the growth and prosperity of the state,” the statement said.



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