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Lagos, Church partner to combat drug abuse, addiction

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Lagos State Government and God Bless Nigeria Church have announced partnerships aimed at rehabilitating youths affected by alcohol and drug abuse.

According to a report, initiatives such as Ile Ayo, Ile Alafia, Ile Ogo and Ile Ireti were designed to provide empowerment and rehabilitation schemes for alcohol and drug addicts.

“The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, during the God Bless Nigeria Independence day rally, with the theme, “Agege No Shaking”, held recently in Lagos revealed that the initiatives would be focused on providing medically assisted detoxification to individuals aged between seventeen and fifty-nine who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and hard drug substances such as prescription medicines, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack and codeine by identifying areas within the state that possess such individuals and providing empowerment and rehabilitation schemes for them

“We are delighted that God Bless Nigeria has decided to collaborate with the government to come to Agege to rehabilitate and empower its residents.

We decided to partner with Freedom Foundation and God Bless Nigeria because they have been achieving great things in their efforts towards rehabilitating and empowering helpless and homeless people in the state,” the statement party reads.

“Thus, we decided to set up schemes that we are going to be implementing together which includes Ile Alafia, Ile Ogo, Ile Ireti and ile Ayo.

We look forward to transforming the lives of Lagos residents who are in need of help and support by identifying communities that are in need of these interventions and rehabilitation,” the statement partly reads.

Convener of the Freedom Foundation, Tony Rapu, explained that the collaboration between the Lagos State Government and the Freedom Foundation would enhance the capacity of the foundation and God Bless Nigeria to rehabilitate and empower communities in need of rehabilitation, thus driving economic recovery in the state and country.

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