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Lagos advocates family planning for women

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Dr Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu

The Lagos State Governor’s wife, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, has urged women to accept family planning, saying that the socioeconomic benefits of family planning lead to female empowerment and economic improvement.

The governor’s wife made this assertion during an event organized to mark World Contraception Day 2021, noting that there is no better time than now to put family planning first, adding that a woman would have enough time to achieve her career goals.

The first lady said family planning is an informed decision by an individual or a couple about how many children and when to have them, adding that the practice includes the use of modern contraceptive methods to plan pregnancy.

“Family planning prevents birth-related complications for both mother and child and has the long-term benefits of empowering women and reducing poverty.

“Families that have the number of children they can afford to train are able to devote more resources to providing them with adequate food, education, clothing, shelter, and other necessities.

“There is no gainsaying that family planning enables women to pursue their educational and career aspirations, acquire more wealth, and in the long run, contribute to the socio-economic development of their immediate communities,” she said.

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Prof Akin Abayomi

Lagos State Health Commissioner Prof. Akin Abayomi said that the event, with the theme “A new Lagos, Family planning, a catalytic pillar for female empowerment and socio-economic development”, aims to raise awareness about family planning among citizens and become a major topic of discussion among citizens.

Abayomi said the state is estimated to have prevented some 167,000 unwanted pregnancies, 59,000 abortions and 1,100 maternal deaths in 2018.

“Women who space their births can devote more time to pursue their educational and career aspirations, and, in the long run, accrue more resources.

“High fertility rates may hinder such opportunities for advancement, increase health risks for women, and lead to deterioration in the quality of life,” Abayomi said.

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