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KBL launches new website to enable Nigerians access digital insurance


KBL Insurance Limited said it has launched a new website to enable Nigerians to access insurance from digital and seamless platforms.

In a statement, it assured its clientele base and potential customers of better service.

The statement said apart from making insurance products more accessible to insurance subscribers, it would also allow customers across the country to, “Buy insurance products online, lodge their claims reports with supporting documents real-time, and bridge time, while increasing better interactions with operating officers of the brand for improved productivity.

“This new effort is in furtherance of KBL’s commitment to deepening insurance penetration in Nigeria, improving the sector’s numbers towards the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, while latching on its wide financial and technical expertise and good claims settlement history, to achieve improved value.”

Mrs Ukachi Orji, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer said: “The revamp of our website is predicated on our motivation to drive and increase accessibility via digital means, improve transparency, curtail time spent in accessing service, provide convenience to our customers and the insuring public, as well as mitigate risks using technology.”

Orji attributed the efforts of many weeks deployed in the design of the website to the determination of the company in ensuring insurance services were made available with ease to end users.

She noted that the company’s new website now made buying insurance easy and convenient.

In her statement, the move was not only a response to the brand’s drive to deepen insurance penetration, but an effort to increase awareness, improve accessibility of insurance solutions, and help Nigerians appreciate the value insurance brings to the socio-economic space.

She said: “Our new website provides information about who we are, what we stand for and our vision and mission.

“The design is consistent with a site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that directs a visitor to the information most relevant to him.”



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