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#JusticeforSylvester: Lagos police release housemaster, others on bail

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According to Lagos State Commissioner of Police AIG Hakeem Odumosu, the result of the post-mortem of Sylvester Oromoni, has not indicted anyone.

Reports reveal that 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni Jr., a student at Dowen College in Lekki, Lagos, is said to have died as a result of injuries sustained in an attack by five senior students of the school for refusing to join their cult.

Dr Clement Vhriterhire, a consultant pathologist at the Central Hospital in Warri, Delta State, conducted an autopsy and determined that Oromoni died of “acute lung injury owing to chemical poisoning in the context of blunt force trauma.”

The student’s corpse, however, was transported to Lagos, and a new autopsy was ordered by the police.

Mr Odumosu stated that the housemaster and others had been released following a court order granting the accused bail in the sum of N1 million apiece.

According to Odumosu, “The corpse was brought from Delta to Lagos. The post-mortem was carried out in Lagos. The result is out. As of now, it has not brought out the issue of murder on anybody (sic).

”Toxicology is still to be carried out, which is the final one. The interim one has not. Based on that, the court order we got has elapsed and we have released the housemaster and others on bail as of Thursday because they have not been indicted of murder. It is only murder cases that are not subject to bail.

“Since the medical report has not indicted them so far, I think there is a need for them to have their freedom because bail is not the end of the case.”

However, Oromoni’s father, Sylvester Oromoni Senior, stated that it was unusual that the police could determine that murder had not been established while still awaiting the toxicology report.

“We knew this would happen and that was why we called on the Inspector-General of Police to take over. We have our own autopsy report from Warri. The report was handed over to the police in Delta and we are relying on it”, he said.



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