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It might be a baby girl — Messi hints at another child with wife


Lionel Messi has suggested that he and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, may attempt to have another child and “we’ll see if a baby girl arrives.”

The World Cup winner is also renowned for being a devoted father to his three sons, Thiago, 10, Mateo, 7, and Ciro, 5, whom he shares with his wife Antonela, 36.

The five-member family has been spotted out and about on several occasions, shopping together, dining out, and supporting their father at his sporting events.

When asked if the family would be expanding, Messi hinted that a baby girl might be on the way.

”We’re not trying, but I don’t know [if the factory has closed],’ he admitted. ‘We’ll see if a baby girl arrives,” Messi said in an interview with Argentinian comedian Migue Granados on OLGA.

Messi admitted that Thiago is more of a mama’s boy when asked about his oldest son Thiago following in his footsteps after attending Inter Miami’s program in August.

The Argentine added that his three sons all have very different personalities.

”They have different personalities,” Messi said. ”Thiago, when he comes on the field to play, he doesn’t look at you.”

”Mateo. He comes on, he greets the crowd, applauds. They’re different characters.”

Messi, however, claimed Ciro, his youngest, can’t be defined just yet as the youngster is still growing into himself.

”The youngest is terrible,” he joked. ”He’s only five years old, and he’s not yet defined.”

”Mateo you have to stop, he talks to you and doesn’t stop. Ciro is more reserved. He tells you things but not about himself, he talks about others.”

He added that Thiago is very close to his mom, saying: ”Thiago has trouble talking much, he’s glued to Antonela… Thiago is sensitive.”

Messi then went on to describe his wife as a ‘great mother’, showering praises on her for being dedicated to their three kids.

”She’s a great mother. The truth is, she with them 24/7, I’m away a lot. Sometimes I’m gone a month, month and a half, she’s there everyday.”



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