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Lionel Messi: It is better people don’t know the truth – Valverde

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Ernesto Valverde, the former manager of Barcelona when asked about the truth behind his exit from the Spanish club, said it is better people don’t know the truth behind his exit.

This reaction came after he was asked questions about Lionel Messi, who recently joined the French club, Paris Saint-Germain. After news of Valverde’s exit surfaced online, there were allegations that the former coach had arguments with Messi, who was the captain of Barcelona.

“I can’t say what happened, it is part of the mystique. It is better that people don’t know what we are like and think we know it all. It’s better that people don’t know the truth.” Valverde told ETB’s ‘El Dia de Manana’ show.

When he was asked about the probability that he would resume his coaching activities, Valverde added, “I suppose it’s possible I could coach again. But it would have to be a different project, something stimulating and motivating.”

“After leaving Barcelona, I needed some downtime. I had wanted to travel, but with the pandemic, it wasn’t possible. At the moment, I’m not clear about what I’m going to do next.”

Valverde was sacked in January 2020, despite the fact that Barcelona was on top of the league table.



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