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Irregular migration dangerous, may lead to slavery — Immigration


The Nigeria Immigration Service on Friday sensitised Nigerians in Seme communities to the ills of illegal migration. It noted that some illegal migrants were promised a beautiful life but they ended up as slaves.

It noted that for those interested in travelling to West African countries, inasmuch as they do not need visas, must have a means of identification.

Men and officers of Seme Border Command and the Lagos State Border Command came out in hundreds to mark the Celebration of Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Week and Sensitisation Campaign on Irregular Migration.

The News Agency of Nigeria reported that men and officers of the commands were holding placards carrying different inscriptions on them.

Some of the placards read, ‘Smuggled migrants are subjected to torture, cruel and inhuman treatment’, ‘Use an official designated border point of entry and exit’, ‘Illegal entry means crossing borders without complying with necessary requirements for legal entry into receiving state’, among others.

The sensitisation tagged, ‘Victory Walk’ saw the men and officers of the two commands dancing and walking to parks and garages within Seme, sensitising drivers, passengers and residents to the menace.

The Controller of Seme Border Command, Douglas Audu, said Nigerians should follow due process while traveling out of the country.

He added, “There are many Nigerians up there who don’t know much about this, we need to let them know that if they are traveling out of the country, they should follow due process.

“This means that they have to get their passports at designated Passport Offices and a visa at the embassy.”

Audu said many get carried away by promises of goodies made by people that visited them during festivals, adding, “Some promise heaven and earth, only for the victims to fall into the pit of slavery, child labour and organ harvest.

“This is why we need to tell Nigerians that if you want to travel abroad, please do the needful. As an ECOWAS member state, you (Nigerians) don’t need a visa (to other West African countries) but you must have a means of identification to or go out of Nigeria.”

He urged Nigerians to get proper documentation before leaving the country to avoid embarrassment or imprisonment.

The campaign took the men and officers to six different parks and garages within Seme, where the passengers, drivers and residents were addressed in local and English languages.

At the ECOWAS Park, the Chairman of the Car Owners, Mr Chinedu Nwankwo, commended the commands for the exercise, saying many Nigerians were languishing in jail abroad because of ignorance.

He urged the NIS to continue the exercise, adding that it would reduce the menace.



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