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In Nigeria, elders are the leaders of tomorrow — Singer Paul Okoye


Renowned Nigerian artist, Paul Okoye, known by his stage name Rude Boy, has expressed his concerns about the current state of affairs in the country.

As the other half of the famous musical duo Psquare, he emphasized the prevalent belief in Africa, especially in Nigeria, that elders hold the key to the future of leadership.

Africa, particularly in Nigeria, it’s often said that our elders are the leaders of tomorrow. Keep that in mind,” Rude Boy asserted.

Many individuals echoed Rude Boy‘s sentiments, pointing out that in several countries, senior citizens are the ones predominantly in positions of authority.

Don Tyga wrote, “The United States ya use as yardsticks got an 80-year-old doddering around their white house, remember?”

Ezenwa Sonny wrote, “Na mumu dey worry this one, these elders are youths yesterday, continue foøling yourself”.

Iyke Nneji wrote, “These so-called elders hate to be asked certain questions, if you do just know that you will be considered rude and stubborn”.

Donking wrote, “Where is the lie? Crooked evil elders at that”.

Blessed Prinx Cosmetics wrote, “Elders don collect Leaders of tomorrow from children”.

Nchofa wrote, “Very true with the living ancestors in Cameron as president, senate president and speaker of house of assembly. People we grew up knowing as leaders. Our children still know them as leaders”.

Vee Vogee wrote, “Because the supposed leaders are obsessed with Elders. From father, now we’re dealing with Granpa. Tufiakwa”.



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