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I’m actually a ‘mami water’; Africans take it seriously but it is not — Precious Chikwendu

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The ex-wife of Femi-Fani Kayode, Precious Chikwendu has revealed that she is a mermaid goddess, known in local parlance as “Mami water”. This was known when she told a supposed male friend in a viral social media video.

It has been reported that the ex-beauty queen was battling with a strange and rare skin disease that some dermatologists claimed to be cancerous.

In a video on her Instagram story, Precious was seen coming out of a swimming pool when a male voice asked why she loves to always be in the water.

Her responses send shivers down many viewers’ spines and her fans when she said, “ I am supposed to be a Mami. I am actually told I am a Mami, My mom told me I am a Mami but a good one.” You know Africans take the issues of Mami too serious, it is not that serious.” She said.

Meanwhile, one of her followers, Tonia, who responded to the video said If she is truly one she would have killed or destroyed her ex-husband, Fani-Kayode, better still, she would have gotten custody of her children who are well-cared for by the estranged husband.

However, an aide to FFK, Mark, had mentioned that “She has refused to come and see the children in the house even though she has been asked to do so for the last one year and 6 months. She can’t come there because of the prayers that go on in that house. She is from the dark Kingdom and that house is a house of light. She doesn’t even phone the kids even though she has an open line on the videophone. She stopped calling them 6 months ago.” He said.

He added that she sent spies to their school and had them secretly and illegally filmed claiming they had head injuries and covid 19. All these claims proved to be false and a criminal investigation has been launched by the police about how the footage was obtained.”

In the midst of the accusations, Fani-Kayode has since released a video to counter those allegations when the children were seen living happily and recently, were spotted receiving Xmas gifts from Santa Claus.

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