Home News Identify opportunities for wealth creation — HR expert tells Nigerians

Identify opportunities for wealth creation — HR expert tells Nigerians


The head of human resources at Flour Mills of Nigeria, Lara Yeku, has advised Nigerians to persevere and identify and seize opportunities for wealth creation in the nation’s economic challenges.

Ms Yeku, a human relations expert, gave the advice in an interview in Lagos on Wednesday.

According to her, Nigerians need creativity and resilience to take advantage of opportunities amid economic hardship.

She noted that the economic hardship was affecting individuals, businesses and the entire society.

“In times of crisis, our response determines our destiny,” she said.

Ms Yeku said emotional awareness, exploration of options, community collaboration and lifestyle changes would be needed to pull through economic uncertainties.

“By shifting from reactive emotions to proactive reflection, you can chart a course guided by reason rather than impulse. Interrogate the situation, probing for insights and opportunities amidst adversity.

“By reframing challenges as potential pathways to growth, you unveil the hidden treasures within the storm. Cultivate a mindset of abundance, exploring a myriad of possibilities in the face of scarcity,’’ Ms Yeku advised.

According to Mrs Yeku, expanding the list of solutions transcends the confines of crisis and embraces many opportunities.

“Seek solace and support in the embrace of community, forging bonds that bolster resilience and foster collective ingenuity. Invest in your personal and professional growth, honing skills that empower you to thrive amidst uncertainty.

“Through continuous learning and adaptation, you fortify your capacity to weather the storm and emerge stronger than before. In the midst of every crisis lies a great opportunity,” she added.

Ms Yeku urged Nigerians to take the economic hardship as a challenge, be resilient and visualise a greater Nigeria.




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