Home News ‘I don’t miss being president of Nigeria’, Mohammadu Buhari reveals

‘I don’t miss being president of Nigeria’, Mohammadu Buhari reveals

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Former President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed that he does not miss being President of Nigeria.

Buhari made this assertion on Sunday, in an exclusive interview with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

“Miss? Oh dear me. I don’t think I miss much,” Buhari said, responding to a question on what he misses from his time in office.

This was revealed in a preview of the interview that the NTA posted on its X (formerly Twitter) account, to be aired today (Monday).

The former president when asked what his footprints were in Nigeria’s relationship with other countries, said, “I was preoccupied with the local problems that I had nothing of the foreign problems”.

Months before handing over power in 2022, Buhari said he would not miss his time as president of Nigeria because his best was not good enough for Nigerians.

“I believe I’m trying my best, but still my best is not good enough. I wonder if I am going to miss much. I think I’m being harassed,” he had remarked.



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