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Hewlett Packard unveils ‘Mentor-A-Teacher Programme’ in Nigeria

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To mark International Girls’ Day 2021, popular laptop maker, Hewlett Packard launched its new Mentor-a-Teacher programme.

The initiative brings together the entire educational network to allow educators to develop new learning methods for students.

This initiative is part of HP PATH (Partnership and Technology for Humanity), a programme designed to pave the way for underserved communities around the world towards digital justice, with a focus on education, health and economic opportunities.

Earlier this year, HP said it would accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030.

As the world continues to adapt to virtual and remote work, the company says education will need adjustment as well.

The statement implied that HP was working with Girl Rising and One Million Teachers (1MT), to develop and empower educators.

Nearly 100 HP employees worldwide; Palo Alto, Lagos, Boise, Vancouver and South Africa will serve as teacher mentors in Nigeria, among others, to promote gender awareness, sensitisation and education by leveraging Girl Rising resources.

During the bi-annual cohorts, HP mentors will meet with their mentees virtually for two hours a month for six months.

“1MT is excited to work with Girl Rising and HP to accelerate the achievement of SDG 4 and SDG 5. We are even more excited about how this collaboration will help us to advance our mission of building a critical mass of highly capable educators from the most underserved communities across the world,” Hakeem Subair, Founder & CEO, 1 Million Teachers Inc.

Teachers will also develop leadership skills through the use of HP LIFE (a free IT and business skills training programme offered by the HP Foundation) and other valuable Girl Rising programs.

Mentors will receive resources and a framework to guide the relationship and development of teachers.

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