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Gulder Ultimate Search: Emmanuel Nnebe, Iniabasi Umoren evicted as Clan Amo faces double loss

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In the ongoing Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12, two more contestants, Emmanuel Nnebe and Iniabasi Umoren have been evicted.

There was a task, and at the end of the game, Clan Amo’s team lead, Emmanuel Nnebe, could not answer a question correctly, which led to his eviction from the show.

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In another twist, Iniabasi Umoren was also shown the way out.

His eviction was a result of poor performance in the Rope-A-Dope task by Clan Amo, because they couldn’t untangle their ropes in time to solve their puzzle.

Osasere was able to identify what was missing – the letter S. On the puzzle board, the clans spelled ‘craftmanship’ instead of ‘craftsmanship’. Ishmael and Jennifer didn’t identify what was missing correctly, but they at least wrote something down. Iniabasi was unable to put down anything, and he was evicted from the show.

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This means a double loss for Clan Amo, as there are just 3 members left.

As Clan Amo was down to three members, they had to choose a member from Clan Iroko to join them, and they unanimously agreed on Damola.

This leaves 15 contestants to compete for the hidden treasure with one contestant as the ultimate winner.



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