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Group challenges youths to take over Nigeria from old politicians in 2023

A group, Nigerian Youths In Politics, has challenged youths to take over from the old politicians in the 2023 general election.

The vice president (South West) of the group, Olufowobi Olanrewaju Desmond, said this during a Youth Stakeholders’ Conference recently in Lagos.

Desmond said the conference was organised to awaken Nigerian youths on the realities of taking back the country from whom he called the old order who have continued to divide the youngsters for their own selfish reasons.

Desmond said, “At the end of this programme, we are going to have youths who will realize their place and take the issue of this country seriously.

“Our mandate at Nigerian Youths in Politics is to show you how you can become what you want to become in Nigerian political space without being intimidated.

“It is our responsibility as a youthful population to rescue this country from the old politicians who have been there for years and don’t want to give way.

“This we can achieve by taking an active role in politics because the country continues to get worse because young and resourceful ones decided to remain passive towards politics.

“This is why Nigerian youths in Politics was formed to educate, sensitize and mobilize the over 65% of the population who are youths to come together.

“If the over 60% youthful population can be educated, exposed and supported, they can effectively contribute to the economic development of the country.

“But our leaders decided not to educate us so they can continue to use us as political thugs.

“But now, we are coming to be united and that is our mandate before 2023. Our leaders are deliberately dividing us along ethnic and religious lines so that we cannot come together.

“Let me tell you; Hausa person is not our problem; Igbo person is not our problem and Yoruba or Fulani person is not our problem. Our problem is the old politicians that have refused to allow the youths to come up with fresher and better ideas for the progress of the country,” he said.

Also speaking during the conference, Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu, president of Nigerian Youths Alternative Council, challenged the youths to believe in themselves.

“We as youths must believe in ourselves. We must shed any form of complexity and take back the country from the old politicians. It is high time youths remained focused,” he said.

On his own, Hon. Farouk Musa Muhammed, Senior Special Assistant to Niger State Governor on Political Strategy and Youth Engagement, said: “Age is not an issue in Nigeria but social class has tended to hold us down.

“When the youths come out to contest elections, the old political class will tell you that you still have years ahead of you and you should bid your time; but when they spur their children, it will be no longer you who are still young.

“We youths should shine our eyes and brace up for the task of taking over power from them. We should start thinking out of the box,” he said.

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