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‘Give extra attention to teaching arts, fashion in schools’ —Expert

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Arts and design teacher at Greensprings School, Anthony Campus, Lagos, Mrs. Anuoluwapo Adeyemi, has called on schools in Nigeria to promote art and fashion among their students.

She made this call while speaking at a recent fashion show organized by students of the school.

According to her, organizing art exhibitions and fashion shows, or generally providing the necessary support to teach the subjects would help raise a generation that would take the Nigerian art and fashion industry to the next level.

She said, “We recently did our 2021 fashion show, themed The New Normal: #MixedMediaExpression, and, based on this theme, our students showcased six clothing lines that brilliantly incorporated facemasks into their designs.

Through the guidance of the teachers, our promising clothing liners did the sketching of their designs, sourced the fabrics, made the dresses, and managed fellow students who modeled the designs.

“The show was a success, as it let our students see that they could also express their creativity via organizing impressive fashion shows like the ones they see on TV.

“From our students’ performance during the show, it is obvious that Nigeria is blessed with a lot of young talents and I believe that our art and fashion industry would receive more global recognition in years to come, especially if more schools give extra attention to creatively teaching the subject, as well as organizing art exhibitions and fashion shows.”

Greensprings School is a British international school with three campuses in Lagos, Anthony, Lekki and Ikoyi. The school opened to the public in 1985 and is now regarded as one of the best schools in Nigeria.

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