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Fuel stations accused of hoarding, as scarcity worsens in Lagos

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Lagosians on Monday had difficulty in purchasing fuel as filling stations were under lock and key, saying they had run out of fuel due to the shortage.

However, the few stations dispensing, especially the NNPC retail outlets, are being accused of hoarding fuel, refusing to sell to motorists who have been on the queue since 5am.

At an NNPC retail outlet opposite Omole-1 gate along Ogunnusi Road, Ojodu-Berger, many motorists expressed anger over the refusal of the station to sell fuel when they actually had the product.

Motorists were told this morning that they would only start dispensing fuel by 10:00 am even though they normally resume by 7 a.m.

One of the motorists reported that the filling station suddenly stopped selling fuel on Sunday, saying the station was becoming rowdy.

“On the instruction of the manager, they just stopped selling and this was because the security man on duty failed to do his work by ensuring orderliness. This wasn’t caused by those of us on duty. We begged and begged, they said we should come back by 6:00 am on Monday.

“Now we have been here since 5 a.m and all their staff are here but they are saying they won’t sell until 10. They didn’t give us any reason for not selling.”

Checks show that almost the filling stations along the Ogunnusi Road/Isheri were not selling.

According to reports Rainol filling station now prefers to sell to motorists at exorbitant rates.

Reports also revealed that Rainoil filling stations have been selling to those buying inside kegs while charging additional money. “They collect N1500 on a 30-litre Jerry can or from a motorist filling his/her fuel tank”, a witness claimed.

Similar situation is being experienced across the state, according to the reports.



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