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Foods that have sexual undertones that have scarred our minds

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Food is one of the basic needs of life providing nutritional value to the human body. For better results, humans are urged to know the classes and values different foods give to the body.

This has led to people caring for not just their general health but for other parts of the body and its performance, for example, the hair needs some type of foods that will make it grow and shine, in the same vein, the heart needs some type of food to keep it pumping.

However, some food that we eat out of sheer excitement and hunger have become aphrodisiac, not that the food does not have other benefits for the body other than sex, the knowledge that some people now use what you are about to eat or crave to eat to boost their sex life can ruin the ecstasy of consumption.

What are those foods that we ate harmlessly years back but has become sexualised today?
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Tigernut, Date and Coconut smoothie (Kunu Aya): This is a very healthy drink that is enjoyed cold by everyone harmlessly, but since the knowledge that it increases blood supply to the genitals leading to strong erections for men and women, improving sexual energy, and allowing them to last longer in bed.

Most people now think twice before wanting to take this drink, as they could be teased or aroused.

For those who just want to enjoy this beautiful drink, know that it also improves digestion, reduces blood sugar level, improves heart health, boosts the immune system and can help you help fight infections.

Well, if you want to up your game in the ‘other room’, you know what to do.
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Cucumber: Stories about this fruit went viral some years back as an alternative dildo, sending social media into a frenzy and since then, most young people do not see cucumber the same way again.

Anyways, the next time you see a lady buying cucumber, she probably just wants to lower her blood sugar, hydrate her skin, or stay on a diet.
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Banana: Naturally, the shape of this fruit looks like a D and whether you want to eat this fruit innocently or as a bedsporter, you just might feel some type of way seeing how much it has been sexualised.

Banana is a great source of vitamin C, good for the skin, aids digestion, gives energy and can help with blood pressure. This is not ignoring the fact that you can try to learn how to give a blowjob with the nanner, just be gentle.
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Aubergine/ Eggplant: Made popular as an emoji, this purple eggplant was used to scar innocent mind as it means D. Just in case you feel like eating eggplant stew with yam, don’t make the mistake of sending this craving as an emoji, because you would be sending an erotic text without knowing.

Go ahead, make your aubergine stew, or grilled aubergine without feeling like you are eating an imaginary male rod because it has antioxidants properties, controls your blood sugar, manages your cholesterol level and makes your heart healthy.

These are a few of the foods that have scarred our innocent minds due to sexual innuendoes made directly and indirectly around us.

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