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FAAN bars fuel marketers from airports over tariffs


The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN has denied petroleum marketers access to various airports over incremental tariffs.

The access restriction which began on Thursday at the Abuja airport is expected to extend to other airports managed by FAAN.

There are 32 airports in Nigeria with 26 under the operation of FAAN, out of which five are functional international airports. It also has a state-owned airport located in Akwa Ibom State.

This may spell impending doom as air travellers across the country may have to seek alternative means of transportation.

The ramp or parking pad in Abuja airport is currently congested with most airlines having more than two aircraft on the ground.

Findings showed that the airport authority is currently restricting access to all fuel marketers. This is because a 100 per cent increment in Apron pass charges was instituted and required them to pay urgently.

At the moment, no petroleum marketers are being allowed into the apron so no fuel vendors.

A source within the sector told newsmen that the marketers were not informed of any tariff review before now.

However, FAAN’s Acting General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Faithful Hope-Ivbaze, has declined to comment on the development.

Olumide Ohunayo, an Aviation analyst who spoke to Vanguard said the development will greatly impact airline operations moving forward.

He said: “This will bring massive losses to the airlines who cannot operate their scheduled operations and the development is cascading to other routes. There are also other chattered operations which have been impacted by this development.

“From all indications, the development is going to continue throughout the day and possibly linger till the weekend if nothing is done to address it.

“Also, we understand that it is not just oil marketers whose apron pass was increased, they also increased that of ground handlers and other organisations that operate in the airports. They started the action with the petroleum marketers, and in the coming days, others will follow.

“Also, Lagos to Akure with a 100 per cent load factor of 4 pm is now cancelled as they cannot meet up with sunset even if they depart with our normal schedule now. Akure to Lagos was 70 per cent full. Passengers’ Easter plans destroyed because FAAN and Fuel marketers stand-off.”



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