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EbonyLife creative Academy begins new session


EbonyLife Creative Academy (ELCA) has begun registration for their fourth intake of students to enrol in different courses in filmmaking.

The free training courtesy of Lagos State Government through Lagos State Creative Industries Initiative, LACI, under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, has continued to create free opportunities for young people to improve their skills and competitiveness in the film industry.

So far, three batches of 200 students each have graduated from the EbonyLife Creative Academy.

At the end of their 12-week courses, they break into groups to produce impressive short films that will be shown to students and guests at each graduation ceremony.

Head of School, EbonyLife creative Academy, ELCA, Mr Theart Korsten says “We always have lots of applicants, and several are waitlisted for registration already. However, two of our courses have places readily available – Art Direction and Sound Recording. There is plenty of demand for these skills in Nollywood and across Africa…”

With opportunities presented by the Lagos state government and ELCA, Young people will be able to pursue their dreams of becoming actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians, by attending a world-class film academy.

Developed by industry experts from around the world, the courses are designed to help working film professionals become more competitive and to equip postgraduates with the skills they need to launch their careers.

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