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Easter: Owners of relaxation centers lament low patronage

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Some leisure spot owners in Abuja on Monday decried low patronage during the Easter festivities, saying it is a result of economic hardship triggered by inflation, insecurity, and cash crunch.

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Istifanus Nanu, the Manager, of Terminus Garden, Asokoro, said sales have significantly decreased compared to 2022.

“During the Easter period in 2022, we had more sales.

“This may be because there was cash available but this time around we are recording low patronage.

“I think the people are economizing the cash they have,’’ Nanu said.

Julius Eke, the Chief Executive Officer of Islands Bar and Lounge at Guzape, said that he observed a decrease in the number of customers.

“Customers are no longer coming as before and this did not just start with Easter, we started observing the decline since the currency redesign was introduced,’’ Eke said.

On his part, Fidelis Ehizoje, owner of a beer parlor in Karu, said that weekends, when he usually made around 80 percent in sales had seen a dramatic decrease to 60 percent.

“The increase in the price of drinks and other things we sell here is not just the problem; the major problem we are facing is the price of diesel, fuel, and electricity bills,” Ehizoje said.

“The increase in the price of beers, wine, catfish, and other things can be adjusted to the customer but the prices of diesel and fuel are taken from the company’s account which can ruin the business.

“More so, we are experiencing challenges with electronic transactions whereby some people come and buy things but cannot make electronic payments successfully.

“I want to urge the authorities to ensure that adequate infrastructure is in place to enable seamless electronic money transfer.

“This is important because it will help our business. Many customers lament the lack of cash and this is affecting our sales drastically,’’ Ehizoje said.




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