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E-learning apps that will boost your career in 2022

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Learning has been made easier with the introduction of simplified, yet efficient methods of learning.

Most people had the experience of learning through the traditional classroom method but times and tides have changed.

These changes visible in the educational sector are achieved by employing the use of technology to solve problems or challenges of learning in our society.

In recent times, students or knowledge seekers don’t have to travel the distance in other to get an education.

Apps have been created to assist teachers in organizing their learning materials in modules and, connect with a heterogeneous audience of students who are willing to opt for a given course.

Due to the seeming need of developing technologies that can connect students with their teachers, E-learning apps were created. It is not enough to ask if teachers should embrace e-learning but how do we make the most of the trend.

How amazing is it to learn from any part of the world!

Now, let’s take a look at top E-learning apps that students should get acquainted with in order of preference to their course of choice.

  • Duolingo: You are that person who gets interested in learning languages other than English or your native language, Duolingo is that go-to app for you. Here, you can get access to different learning materials in any language of your choice and, it is user-friendly. Want to be a pro linguist? Duolingo is for you.
  •  Coursera: Do you need to earn a certificate or degree from world-class universities and companies? You might just consider taking a course on Coursera. They offer a wide range of courses in different subjects. You can access over 5100 different courses and specializations, over 40 certificates, and over 25 degrees. With Coursera, you don’t need to spend on a travel visa; all you need to do is to sign up, select your preferred course and soar.
  • Udemy: Udemy offers access to different learning videos similar to Coursera. Here, e-learning courses are taught by experts at a specified fee. This site offers experts the opportunity of becoming an instructor on their platform and ultimately earning too.
  •  Spongelab: Want to learn science content for free, you should consider signing in on Spongelab. With their numerous materials on science-related subjects, your learning process is made easier.
  •  Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a not-for-profit institution that aims at providing education for all. In other words, Khan Academy offers free courses to students who would sign up. No subscription fee is required to have access to the courses they have to offer. Interestingly, they have strong backgrounds in Mathematics and science. Therefore, do you have that need to be better with numbers (mathematics)? You could just try out Khan Academy.

Which of these e-learning apps are you familiar with?

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