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Dog breeders lament over crippling economy of Nigeria


Dog breeders in Nigeria have lamented the economic situation in Nigeria, saying things have not been faring well for those of them keeping or rearing dogs for business.

Adeniran Adetola, CEO of Dat Kennels, maintained that the higher cost of food and drugs for dogs had made it more difficult and expensive to keep dogs.

He buttressed that the development had seen a greater number of such businesses failing in recent times.

Adetola spoke at the maiden edition of Gidi fiesta celebration, a first of its kind dog festival, powered by Dat Kennels in Lekki, Lagos.

Adetola said the gathering was not just to update people on developments in the canine industry and what their members had been passing through, adding that the forum was also an avenue for dog families to come together, network and have fun. He stressed: “I have been into dog breeding for over a decade, and it’s not an easy task.

He said: “you need an unwavering passion, especially now in this current economic situation that is affecting the canine industry.”

He, nonetheless, noted that the dog business is a lucrative one, adding that the animal plays a crucial role in the lives of human beings. Adetola maintained that dogs are an important member of the family, stressing, “Dogs can serve as pets, even as security dogs.

“They are very loyal and unlike human beings, dogs will never compromise the safety of its owner/household; a dog will be loyal to its last breath to ensure the safety of its owner.”

He advised dog owners not to cage their dogs, but to socialise them so they don’t misbehave around people, adding, “We need to regularly take them out for dog walks and exhibitions organised by kennels clubs and associations. By doing so, the dog will be well socialised.”

For Adetimetin Moriente of Mo’Aloraexis Dobermann Kennels, a veteran dog breeder, the business needs constant attention, even when one is not around. He stated further that whether kept as a pet or for sale, for sustainability and profitability one needs “money to buy their feeds and handle any medical issue.”

Another dog breeder, Bassey Etim of C-Kazdaz, while explaining some types of dogs to include Lhasa Apso, American Eskimo, Rotweiler, Boerbel, Husky and German Shepard, described dogs as indispensable to households for security purposes. Etim stated that to get the best out of these dogs, owners or would-be owners should be aware of the type of dog they want and ensure they are well trained.



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